by Kes Stephenzon

Below is a basic outline of what happened to my Kodi and the events that led to his death. If his story can help other dogs, then at least I’ll know he didn’t die for nothing. Thank you for wishing to tell his story.

I’m going to start with Kodi’s treatment at 6 weeks before his death as I don’t know exactly what is significant.

Kodi had routine bloods done as he was a bit off colour and just not behaving as usual, he was a bit nervous and jumpy and had developed a bit of a cough. They took blood from his neck and obviously shaved a patch. His bloods all came back normal, his kidney and liver function in the normal range, nothing at all was cause for concern.

Two weeks later, I noticed that his hair had not even started to grow back in, and given thyroid problems run in my family, it made me suspect that this might be Kodi’s problem too. He had more bloods and  yes, his thyroid function was low, also after listening to his heart, they had detected a slight murmur but the vet did not feel it was particularly problematic at that time, to which I agreed and so it was agreed to just monitor it.

They started Kodi on thyroxin and tested his bloods again two weeks later to check his levels. His thyroid function was slightly high, I was told that was fairly normal for a dog taking thyroxin and so decided the dose was right. Again, his kidney and liver function was in the normal range, his heart had not deteriorated.

A few days later, he was due his check up and booster shots. At the time, my Gran was critically ill and so I was expecting Kodi to need to go to kennels in the near future. I was a little concerned, because I had never had a dog vaccinated before that had had health issues so discussed this with the vet. She didn’t feel his booster would affect these and so I went ahead and had him done.

A few hours later, I noticed that Kodi was staggering slightly, this became worse during the night and so I phoned the vet. The vet said that yes it could be an effect of the booster, to keep an eye on him and to take him in the next day if he was no better.

By the following day, Kodi was finding it difficult to walk and to stand, he was leaning on the wall when trying to stand, and was unable to do his “needs” because his back end was so weak. His posture was very hunched also and he didn’t want to eat. I took him back to the vet, where they admitted him both for observation and because they felt he needed to be immobilised in case of spinal injury.

They treated him with fluids as far as I’m aware, I didn’t go see him for several days as he had become so stressed when I’d been in before. The vet said that she felt Kodi was improving but because his spinal X-ray had shown a defect, she wished to keep him immobilised and send his X-rays to the specialist in Stirling. The specialist agreed to see Kodi as an emergency case, but Kodi’s vet phoned me and told me she didn’t feel he needed to go as an emergency as his condition had improved. I hadn’t seen him at that point so I took her word for it.

Later that day I felt I really wanted to see my dog and so I went in. When I saw Kodi I was devastated, he had clearly declined greatly since being admitted, he could hardly stand or walk, he had lost masses of weight and it was only then that I was told he had not eaten anything since being admitted, they believed this was because he was in pain and missing me. The vet on duty listened to my concerns and agreed that Kodi really should be sent as an emergency to the specialist as soon as possible. The day was Saturday, the soon as possible was Tuesday morning. Because the specialist was a 3 hour drive and I would need to leave before the vet opened, they agreed to let me take Kodi home on Monday night.

To be perfectly honest, that night, I knew he was seriously ill and I began to think that I would lose him.

Kodi who had been a very active, playful dog, was completely lifeless. He just lay on the floor, he wasn’t interested in anything, not food, not the other dogs, nothing. He was totally drained. I took him to the specialist the next morning, the examination did not go very far however because after I explained Kodi’s behaviour and rapid decline, the specialist suspected renal failure despite his bloods having been clear only a few days previously.

The bloods confirmed that Kodi’s kidneys were barely functional at the time of testing, they also admitted him to their ICU ward and to give them credit, they worked around the clock to try to save him, sadly when the bloods were repeated his kidneys showed no sign of improvement at all and his other body organs were starting to shut down.

They let me take Kodi home that night, they gave him pain meds and steroids to try to keep him reasonably comfortable for the journey home and he was to be euthanised the following day.

Euthanasia was extremely difficult, Kodi’s body was so shut down that they could not get a vein to inject.

They managed to get a tiny amount of the drug in and Kodi finally passed away around an hour later.

You can probably see why it was concluded to be his vaccinations that did the damage as he had been in almost perfect health, no kidney or liver issues as was shown by his bloods only days before the booster.

His decline happened only hours after the booster and within days, his body just gave up. Neither the vet practise or the specialist were able to come up with any other explanation to why Kodi just crashed as he did and at no time did they seem to even consider it to be anything other than his booster that caused his illness and death.

The vet was very open with me and even stated that she felt she had made mistakes as regards Kodi’s care. She admitted that she should not have delayed his specialist appointment without my first seeing Kodi, however the specialist didn’t believe it would have made any difference, Kodi would have died anyway, once his organs had started to give up, there was no reversing it, it was too quick and to be honest, I agree with that.

The only thing that might have saved him was not to vaccinate him and I wish I had known then what I know now. My instincts at the time were to not vaccinate, but I was at a loss as to what else I could do, given he would need to go to kennels.

As it turned out, he died and my gran died the very next day. So really, I put my boy through that for nothing I was there for neither of them in the end up and that kills me every day.

I don’t blame Kodi’s vet, I don’t believe she vaccinated him just for the money, I believe she honestly thought it was what was best. I do believe that she should possibly have looked for advice, given Kodi’s medical history and that’s why I think education is the key. I know she has learnt some important lessons from what happened to Kodi and I also know she was genuinely devastated.

Healthful Dog 4[3]:186-187

Owner Odyssey – Death by Vaccinosis

We first met a pet nutritionist when we were looking to change our cats diet, as he had needed to be on a special diet for his liver but it meant him putting on weight. We started to look at alternative foods for cat and came across RAW feeding, as part of our research a local shop come up as the nearest to us at the time and we went in for a chat. That was the start of our conversion to RAW feeding and our distrust in commercial foods.

Soon our dogs were changed over to Raw as well. When the shop started their own food range, we change the dogs on to their food and haven’t changed ever since.

We currently have 3 dogs on RAW and it has had positive affects on them all.

Buster – 9yrs Rottie Crossbreed – He had always had issues with his tummy and anal glands to the point he was on ranitidine once a day and had to have his anal glands expressed every 6-8weeks – Since being on RAW he hasn’t once had his glands expressed and with some help with a natural probiotic, no longer suffers with stomach issues. Just recently he has been started on CBD oil and after over 3mths on the full dose has changed from a grumpy old dog who slept all the time and laid down whenever we stopped to an energetic playful boy and I now have my old buster back.

Pepper – 9yrd old – GSD x Collie –  Pepper used to have trouble with her weight and would very easily put too much on. Since being on RAW we have kept her weight down and since starting CBD oil a year ago she has gone from an arthritic dog in pain, to an energetic alpha female who herds and chases the two boys.

Skip – 3yrs old – Collie – Skip was a rescue dog who came to us as skin and bone and in a very bad condition. Since being on raw with a natural probiotic he has put on and maintained his target weight.

All of the dogs have glossy healthy coats, very clean teeth and healthy nails and we are always getting compliments about how well they look and how shiny their coat is.

We’ve even convinced my mum to put her dog on RAW.

The dogs only have natural treats which we either purchase from the shop or dehydrate ourselves.

18mths ago we moved from Gosport to East Yorkshire and will still only use that shops food and products. We place bulk orders every few months and get it delivered on a palate and store it in a large Chest Freezer. We wouldn’t trust our dogs health and nutrition with anyone else.

Healthful Dog 4[2]:99

Owner Odyssey – Buster, Pepper & Skip

By Kolby Garrison

“I don’t hear a heartbeat.” On Thursday November 8, 2012, those words forever changed my life. My beloved Guide Dog, a female Golden Retriever, had passed away unexpectedly from Hemangiosarcoma. She had just turned nine in September. We worked together for nearly four and one-half years. Partnership with a Guide Dog taught me how to be independent; helped me find self-confidence that I did not know I possessed; graduate from college; hold my first job; learn how to advocate for myself; and most importantly, I began to understand the importance of nutrition for dogs.

My first Guide Dog ate kibble for the four and one-half years that we were together. I fed grain-free kibble; rotated brands and protein sources; and only gave her grain-free treats. I thought that I was giving her the best nutrition possible. Her sudden and unexpected passing is the reason that I discovered my interest in dog nutrition. I began to learn about how kibble is processed; different ingredients and their definitions; how grain-free does not mean carbohydrate or starch free; probiotics and digestive enzymes; fish oil versus feeding whole fish; et cetera. I wanted to provide my next Guide Dog with better nutrition.

I feed my current Guide Dog a raw diet. I transitioned to feeding raw after feeding dehydrated, air-dried, and freeze dried foods for a while. I remember feeling very overwhelmed when I was trying to decide if feeding a raw diet was something that I would be able to do. Was I making the right decision for my dog? Could I afford to feed raw? What if I did not do something correctly and unintentionally caused nutritional deficiencies? Dr. Karen Becker’s YouTube videos; Dogs Naturally Magazine; Facebook groups; and especially Kimberly Gauthier’s Keep the Tail Wagging blog, are excellent resources that helped me to not feel as overwhelmed. I started out feeding raw using a pre-made raw food, and I used a pre-measured raw food service offered by a company for a year. Now, I portion my dog’s raw food myself and weigh out her food each morning using a talking kitchen scale. I feed a wide variety of protein sources; use whole food supplements; and give her pasture-raised eggs from a local farmers’ market every few days. I have seen positive results with feeding my Guide Dog raw food. She is healthy; does not experience food sensitivities; loves her food; has clean teeth; and only sees her veterinarian for annual visits. I am always learning and growing in my knowledge about dog nutrition. I do not judge others for what they feed their dogs, nor do I appreciate being judged for how I feed my dog. I often have to remind myself that it is okay to try something new; change my mind about an approach or a supplement; and that doing what works best for my dog is most important.

Healthful Dog 4[1]:27

Owner Odyssey – Amelia

by Abbie Withers

I have always been a person who feels so much better when eating real foods, whole foods, not processed meals with very little nutritional value but bought by many for convenience, mostly microwaveable which in turn depletes the meal of most of its nutritional value too.

Feeding my dogs over the years was always a headache for me, scanning aisles of brightly coloured bags and tins for a clue as to which may be the best for their health. I, like many people of my generation had been led to believe that a dog would be hungry if biscuits were not fed alongside a tin of pedigree chum …mmmm yum yum.

Sadly, latterly in my work as a vet nurse I was asked to study Hills range of diets so to be able to advise clients which diet to feed their ailing dogs.

I since know much better re species appropriate feeding and I thank my now late wonderful Borzoi Wishie for my introduction, plus yearning to learn the benefits of walking away from man made toxic processed animal feeds for him, a huge breed with a lot of growing to do when I collected him as puppy a week before Christmas in 2002.

I have to admit that at the time I wanted to feed my dogs raw food but hadn’t taken the leap. I thought it was a complex business, would be more expensive, hard to source and may take a lot of time and effort to feed them properly.

I began by sourcing local suppliers and feeding far too much of the same proteins and kept a dish of dry food going in case anyone was indeed hungry.

I enjoyed the fact that my dogs coats improved and their teeth were less inclined to be dirty, I fed bones now regularly. Poos were much smaller and easier to collect daily.

I watched Wishie grow from a youngster to a wonderfully strong, beautiful adult enjoying his food and chewing bones.

While doing a course on the dangers of chemical vaccination and canine nutrition I met other owners who fed raw and was persuaded once and for all that no, dry food was not needed any longer and so I prepared myself to let go of it once and for all, and guess what…my dogs were fine!

I learned how to feed a balanced raw diet and watched my dogs thrive.

I reared litters of puppies completely on raw straight away, no sloppy milky wheaty porridges, just meat on bones and minces.

I would suggest that everyone considers the species they have in their care is in fact a carnivore and not an omnivore and that he needs meat and bone,  not filers of carbohydrate based rubbish which make the animal have to drink lots of water to be able to pass it through their systems, and feed them as nature intended for growth and development both in body and temperament.

Healthful Dog 3[4]:257


Owner Odyssey – Wishie


by Erica Danow

Behr is 10 years old and has been raw fed for 6 years, last year he had large a cancerous mammary gland tumour removed from his chest, so when his owner found a large lump on his chin she was really worried.

Behr also suffers from vaccinosis even though he’s never had more than his puppy shots, he has arthritis in both hips, his spine, neck and right hock, on top of having COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Behr was an orphaned pup and re-homed at 5 days old, therefore had quite  a hard time of it, but is very loving to all he knows and the apple of his owners eye:

“He’s my love! My Life!!! My baby.”

She took him to the vet to get it checked as soon as possible; his vet said that it wasn’t cancer but a Histiocytoma, and would go away of its’ own accord in around six months.

Behr has a fear of thunderstorms and Erica was giving him the homeopathic remedy Borax for it whenever there was a storm.

He had 4 doses of Borax 30c over a 3 day period, of 3 pellets each time.

Within 6 weeks the tumour dried up and the scab fell off, his entire family were over the moon.

Never underestimate the power of natural remedies.

Healthful Dog 3[3]:169

Owner Odyssey – Behr

By Amanda Ryan

Little BenBen came from Blacktown pound, he is 12 years old and had almost no hair on his body.

He was constantly itchy to the point where he would scratch himself raw and bleeding, I thought I had made a bad decision because he was grumpy and was always crying and wouldn’t take to my current dog, and he just didn’t want to live.

He was constantly sad and never moved from his bed.

I tried everything from medicated baths, creams, naturopathic treatments, natural remedies, oils, you name it we tried it. Then my vet suggested steroids, and other medication for malasezzia dermatitis and yeast infections as well as eye and ear infections constantly.

This had gone on far too long with no improvements, and with the medication costing me a fortune, and me myself suffering from psoriasis and knowing it was caused from the immune system. I thought I should look at treating him from the inside out.

I researched the prey model diet and started him small, adding to his dog food: oils first with a little bit of liver and marrow. Slowly I got him totally off the dog food and raw only over a 4 week period and the results so far have been amazing.

I now feed daily 80% meat, sinew, ligaments, fat 10% edible bone 5% liver 5% other organ meat

With turmeric paste, all organic flaxseed oils, coconut oils, fresh fish skins for the omega oils. And bathe him once a week in cabbage water I make myself and organic apple cider vinegar.

Raw has definitely changed his life and mine, he is a totally different dog. He started playing with toys this week for the first time ever, and comes over to me for a cuddle every night. He never previously wanted to even know who I was.

His skin is almost 100% after only one month and his ear infections are totally gone.

I can’t believe it myself but the results speak clearly.

I urge everyone to even just try it!

Healthful Dog 3[2]:89

Owner Odyssey – BenBen

By Annabelle Cookson

I picked up my first puppy on the 1st May 2015, a beautiful blue Merle border collie, whom I named Eidur. He was the chunky one of the litter and I soon found out he was completely food obsessed. I had done all the usual research into having a puppy, including feeding, and decided to stick with the kibble he was fed by his breeder.

Weeks passed and I started to look into raw feeding, trawling through many articles on the Internet and being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. I even joined raw feeding advice groups on Facebook, where I found many people had been giving their dogs raw meat for decades. As much as this was comforting, the conflicting opinions on what meats can be fed, quantities and percentages of bone, meat and offal, and whether to feed vegetables or not was just confusing. The mere mention of percentages was enough to put me off alone.

It wasn’t till Eidur was around 20 weeks that I took the plunge with raw, as he stopped eating his kibble, instead he toyed around with it and walked away. There wasn’t anything medically wrong with him so I put it down to boredom. It was advice from an old university friend (H B Turner) that helped me considerably, her experience on the subject was invaluable. So an hour and a half on the phone later, I nipped off to the supermarket and came home with some chicken wings, mince and some lamb bones, he immediately took to eating the bone sensibly and my confidence soared. I found it much easier to judge what to give him and how much by looking at his coat, body shape and his faeces.

He’s now seven months old and thriving on his new diet. He’s had beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, fish and venison. He’s had it in minced form, chunks and enjoyed an array of carcasses and bones. I’ve noticed his energy levels are different now, he actually sleeps during the day and he isn’t hyperactive considering he’s a border collie.

It’s definitely a wonderful feeling seeing him excited for his breakfast in the morning, he even sings me a song when I don’t have it ready in time.

Healthful Dog 2[4]:271

Owner Odyssey – Eidur

Here’s the truth,  I destroyed my best friend with my lack of education, with my ignorance. I destroyed my first pet with my own hands. I laid in a puddle of blood with him after the melamine scandal and I wasn’t really the same after that.

Then, only less than a year later in 2008 I got my first puppy….  she was everything that was ever important to me. It was between me and a family who were light years ahead of me with knowledge and as selfish as I was at that time, I convinced the breeder to let me have her. Two months later, I had stuffed her with so many chicken jerky strips I destroyed her kidneys as a puppy, permanently. She will  never be the same again because of me. I ruined a beautiful creature of God with my own hands, again.

So I made a promise to her and God that I would never EVER make that mistake again!

I started teaching myself, researching day and night and trying to tell people about it. I can’t write, I can’t read very well either, but I had to learn, so I started writing for her, my pup Sammie.
Sounds like a cheesy corny story I know, but today, after 6 years, she still lays beside me as I write and I do it for her. She has a kidney at 25% function and a body full of tumours. Nothing on this planet can inspire one more than that.

In 2 years, I have achieved things I couldn’t possibly imagine!

I’m at two time award winning blogger (who can’t write), I had the number one radio show in Canada, which I left as I had been offered a role on Animal Planet to film a TV show for them for 2016.
I get to write for the largest pet nutrition magazine on the planet and I do a zillion other things.
I tell every single one of them the same thing:

Give me a stage and let me share my message — that’s all I ask.

I do it for the cat I destroyed who looks down on me in heaven and for the dog that lays beside me full of cancer.



N.B. Rodney Habib is a genuine Canine SuperHero, please follow him on Facebook and share his blogs to educate all other pet owners and help improve global pet health.


Healthful Dog 2[3]: 180

Owner Odyssey – Rodney Habib

by Julie Arnold

About 20 yrs ago we got a lovely German Shepherd Dog puppy bitch who we named Jess.

Jess was a lovely girl but she was always very thin, with frequent upset tummies and every so often a gurgly tum. She was also quite nervous in certain situations though always lovely with our children and perfect at home.

We spoke with our vet every so often when she was in for something else but he didn’t feel there was a likely medical problem.

We were quite happy for Jess to be slim as she grew, as this would be beneficial as a large breed for her bone and joint growth, and we thought she would fill out once matured and finished growing, but we did struggle with foods for her, as it seemed she couldn’t go for very long with any food before having more and more frequent upset tummies. When she was around 2yrs, she started having the occasional seizure also. We watched her and thought at first this was at times when we’d had extended family over on very hot days and she’d got over-excited, but as time went on it was clear this was not the case.

She was lovely at home but not happy around other dogs, and I had to stop taking her out if we were going to be around lots of people, as she was very much on the defensive all the time, but it was not a constant thing. We looked into more socializing, training etc. but time was tight as we also had 4 young children under 6, with the 2yr old being diagnosed with Autism, and the 4yr old diagnosed ADHD, but I also felt sometimes she just felt ‘off’ especially when her tummy was in a gurgly phase.

We got to when she was around 4yrs old, at which time we rescued a 7yr old male German Shepherd, Major,  and they got on very well together.

Gradually the digestive issues worsened and we got to a stage where we were coming down to piles every morning, and we could not tell if it was sick or excrement, so spoke with our vet as Jess was also still too thin in our view, and we still struggled with foods that didn’t upset her, and he said he thought from our descriptions that she had Pancreatic Insufficiency which was very common in her breed. He suggested maybe us cooking meals ourselves for the dogs would possibly be better and so we tried that.

This worked quite well, with upsets declining to be occasional, but still lots of ‘gurgly’ times.

At this time I was doing much research online for our boys, as we were not happy with Ritalin for them, and we were looking into dietary choices known to help, gut issues, specific supplementation etc., and in researching and looking into these things for dogs, we discovered Raw Feeding. Initially I relied heavily on websites by Canine Health Concern and Tom Lonsdale dvm, and joined some Yahoo email groups to talk to others and find out more.

We decided to take the plunge as things were so bad that we were at the point where nothing could be worse.

We switched both the dogs straight over onto a full raw diet once we had bought supplies and knew what to do and to say she changed over-night is clearly an exaggeration, but that really is how it seemed. We never found she had a problem with any type of raw food and both dogs thrived on it.

Suddenly, the most noticeable thing was, No more piles every morning, and No more gurgly tum, at all !

Within a week I looked at her and noticed she had filled out, she no longer had that ‘skinny gangly teenager’ look, and she was now 7yrs old, and we also noticed she was no longer so highly strung but now was a very laidback dog. I believe her gurgly tum must’ve caused her a great deal of discomfort and pain, meaning she didn’t want others coming near.

Over time it occurred to us also that she wasn’t having any seizures, they just weren’t happening.

We were amazed that changing their diet made such a massive difference, but both dogs were very happy, and had no issues health wise at all, and all Jess’s health issues and temperament issues changed with the introduction to the raw diet. They both looked fantastic and had very shiny, gleaming coats too.

Major lived to 14, and Jess to 13, which considering her first 7yrs of ill health, particularly digestive ill health, which would have greatly impacted on her immune system, was fantastic.

We are now with different dogs, and have stayed with the raw diet, adding holistic and natural healthcare to that wherever possible, and have dogs that rarely need to see a vet.

Healthful Dog 2[2]:129

Owner Odyssey—Our Own Journey to a Raw Diet

by Patricia Gethin

I rescued Sammy a blue roan cocker spaniel, in the summer of August 2003. He had been kept in a dog crate for the majority of his life, he was very smelly and had a matted putrid mass on his stomach … I was unable to touch his back legs as he would growl and try to bite so I can only imagine he had been ill treated in some way.

An immediate appointment was made for a dog groomer and a good wash and spruce up … He seemed to enjoy it and he certainly smelt and looked a lot better.

Sammy went for a full MOT at the vets, chip, vaccines, flea & worming treatments, I thought I was being a good mum and doing the right thing by ensuring all aforementioned treatments where administered regularly, with out gaps (I know better now).

As time went on Sammy had smelly ears, weeping eyes with discharge and yeasty skin and paws. He had several doses of antibiotics, steroids, eye drops, special shampoos you name it … The issues would clear up and would then a little time later, come back with a vengeance. We resumed our cycle of vet visits and the antibiotics would now be a two weeks course instead of one. All in a battle to clear his ear infections.

During this time Sammy was diagnosed with ‘dry eye’ more steroids prescribed called ‘Optimune’.
When Sammy was approximately  5 years old, I noticed several of his bottom teeth were discoloured and broken … Another vet visit, and he had to have his top and bottom teeth removed as the staining was due to a poor puppy diet and the teeth were crumbling.

Around the same time I went to visit my brother in Amsterdam and witnessed him feeding his ‘American Pit-bull’ raw chicken … I was totally intrigued by this as Sammy had always been kibble fed.

As soon as I returned back to the UK, I researched for about 6 months before I felt confident enough to make the transition to the ‘barf diet’. Sammy took to it straight away with no adverse affects i.e. runny poo … After about six months his conditions became better with very few vet visits for yeast infections.

Sammy continued to have all his vaccinations and chemical flea and worming treatments without fail.
On one of the regular vet trips for his eyes, I mentioned his jowl lip folds were very inflamed and smelly, a diagnosis of dermatitis of the lip folds was diagnosed and more antibiotic and hibi scrubs were prescribed. And so it continued for about five years.

Fast forward to February 2014, Sammy had a fit! … The emergency vet was called out an examination was carried out, nothing untoward was found but I was advised to have his bloods done.

Bloods came back with levels a little raised showing an infection. The vet said he wasn’t overly concerned but I wasn’t satisfied  … Something had caused the fit and I wanted to find out what. The locum vet refused to carry out the scans as she said he’s too old to have an anaesthetic … So I waited until my regular vet, whom I had a very good rap pour with, to return from his holidays.

End of April 2014 i received a call from Sammy’s vet to say he was just about to do the scan but on examination he found a lump on his spleen, the size of a chicken leg … The scan & X-ray confirmed it, emergency surgery was carried out to prevent the spleen rupturing and causing an internal haemorrhage which would be fatal.

I conducted my own research and found organic turmeric had fantastic healing properties, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and also helps kill cancer cells. I started Sammy on Organic Turmeric & organic coconut oil with black pepper.

June 2014, Sammy was referred to ‘Dick whites referral’ oncology unit in Cambridge. Further tests revealed he had ‘hystiocystic splenic sarcoma. The lump on his jowl was removed and tests revealed it was malignant therefore he also had malignant melanoma. Both cancers are extremely aggressive and the diagnosis was 2 months without treatment and possibly 4/6 months with chemo and the melanoma vaccine. We opted for both treatments.

During this time Sammy continued to eat his raw diet with zealous, never lost weight (in fact he put it on) and never acted or looked poorly. He had another couple of slight wobbles re fits but nothing like the first one in February where he lost bodily functions and defecated and urinated.

I researched more and found ‘transfer factor’ was a good immune booster. I also started him on Ester c, milk thistle, spirulina, chlorella, and mushroom complex. I stopped all vaccinations and replaced with nosodes. I use Billy no mates and four seasons as ‘natural’ flea and worming treatments.

Additional supplements are , Organic apple cider vinegar, live yogurt and occasional crushed garlic. No worms or fleas have been seen since using chemical free treatments and I use wormcount every 4-6 months to ensure no worms are present, which revealed all clear.

October ’14 chemo stopped, December ’14 scans blood tests and X-rays revealed Sammy is cancer free, the cancer hasn’t spread to any organs, there has been no damage to his liver or kidney due to chemo and more surprisingly his blood tests reveals no indication that he ever had cancer!

Going forward we have decided to treat Sammy holistically with advice and support from Richard Allport, who has prescribed carcinosin 200 for his long term treatment in addition to the other supplements he has.

During this nine month period Sammy has remained full of beans he looks remarkable considering his 12 years old and hopefully will be with us for many years yet. I attribute Sammy’s miraculous recovery to the ‘Raw diet’ first and foremost, I believe if Sammy had not been physically in exceptional condition his body would not of been able to fight such an aggressive disease.

Richard Allport is in Potters Bar


Healthful Dog 2[1]:44-45

Owner Odyssey – Sammy’s Journey