by Erica Danow

Behr is 10 years old and has been raw fed for 6 years, last year he had large a cancerous mammary gland tumour removed from his chest, so when his owner found a large lump on his chin she was really worried.

Behr also suffers from vaccinosis even though he’s never had more than his puppy shots, he has arthritis in both hips, his spine, neck and right hock, on top of having COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Behr was an orphaned pup and re-homed at 5 days old, therefore had quite  a hard time of it, but is very loving to all he knows and the apple of his owners eye:

“He’s my love! My Life!!! My baby.”

She took him to the vet to get it checked as soon as possible; his vet said that it wasn’t cancer but a Histiocytoma, and would go away of its’ own accord in around six months.

Behr has a fear of thunderstorms and Erica was giving him the homeopathic remedy Borax for it whenever there was a storm.

He had 4 doses of Borax 30c over a 3 day period, of 3 pellets each time.

Within 6 weeks the tumour dried up and the scab fell off, his entire family were over the moon.

Never underestimate the power of natural remedies.

Healthful Dog 3[3]:169


Owner Odyssey – Behr