By Amanda Ryan

Little BenBen came from Blacktown pound, he is 12 years old and had almost no hair on his body.

He was constantly itchy to the point where he would scratch himself raw and bleeding, I thought I had made a bad decision because he was grumpy and was always crying and wouldn’t take to my current dog, and he just didn’t want to live.

He was constantly sad and never moved from his bed.

I tried everything from medicated baths, creams, naturopathic treatments, natural remedies, oils, you name it we tried it. Then my vet suggested steroids, and other medication for malasezzia dermatitis and yeast infections as well as eye and ear infections constantly.

This had gone on far too long with no improvements, and with the medication costing me a fortune, and me myself suffering from psoriasis and knowing it was caused from the immune system. I thought I should look at treating him from the inside out.

I researched the prey model diet and started him small, adding to his dog food: oils first with a little bit of liver and marrow. Slowly I got him totally off the dog food and raw only over a 4 week period and the results so far have been amazing.

I now feed daily 80% meat, sinew, ligaments, fat 10% edible bone 5% liver 5% other organ meat

With turmeric paste, all organic flaxseed oils, coconut oils, fresh fish skins for the omega oils. And bathe him once a week in cabbage water I make myself and organic apple cider vinegar.

Raw has definitely changed his life and mine, he is a totally different dog. He started playing with toys this week for the first time ever, and comes over to me for a cuddle every night. He never previously wanted to even know who I was.

His skin is almost 100% after only one month and his ear infections are totally gone.

I can’t believe it myself but the results speak clearly.

I urge everyone to even just try it!

Healthful Dog 3[2]:89


Owner Odyssey – BenBen