We first met a pet nutritionist when we were looking to change our cats diet, as he had needed to be on a special diet for his liver but it meant him putting on weight. We started to look at alternative foods for cat and came across RAW feeding, as part of our research a local shop come up as the nearest to us at the time and we went in for a chat. That was the start of our conversion to RAW feeding and our distrust in commercial foods.

Soon our dogs were changed over to Raw as well. When the shop started their own food range, we change the dogs on to their food and haven’t changed ever since.

We currently have 3 dogs on RAW and it has had positive affects on them all.

Buster – 9yrs Rottie Crossbreed – He had always had issues with his tummy and anal glands to the point he was on ranitidine once a day and had to have his anal glands expressed every 6-8weeks – Since being on RAW he hasn’t once had his glands expressed and with some help with a natural probiotic, no longer suffers with stomach issues. Just recently he has been started on CBD oil and after over 3mths on the full dose has changed from a grumpy old dog who slept all the time and laid down whenever we stopped to an energetic playful boy and I now have my old buster back.

Pepper – 9yrd old – GSD x Collie –  Pepper used to have trouble with her weight and would very easily put too much on. Since being on RAW we have kept her weight down and since starting CBD oil a year ago she has gone from an arthritic dog in pain, to an energetic alpha female who herds and chases the two boys.

Skip – 3yrs old – Collie – Skip was a rescue dog who came to us as skin and bone and in a very bad condition. Since being on raw with a natural probiotic he has put on and maintained his target weight.

All of the dogs have glossy healthy coats, very clean teeth and healthy nails and we are always getting compliments about how well they look and how shiny their coat is.

We’ve even convinced my mum to put her dog on RAW.

The dogs only have natural treats which we either purchase from the shop or dehydrate ourselves.

18mths ago we moved from Gosport to East Yorkshire and will still only use that shops food and products. We place bulk orders every few months and get it delivered on a palate and store it in a large Chest Freezer. We wouldn’t trust our dogs health and nutrition with anyone else.

Healthful Dog 4[2]:99


Owner Odyssey – Buster, Pepper & Skip