Dawson before was on all sorts of diets through the vets recommendation, had loads and loads of issues going back to when he had epilepsy as a puppy. He had constant diarrhoea off and on, and was on a high fibre diet on veterinary recommendation, which made him go to the toilet up to 5 times a day, with lots of volume and no substance. He was constantly hungry, always begging for food and we ended up feeding chicken and rice because it was the most bland food the vet could recommend, but again he was never satisfied and was losing weight, he was 25 kilos and went down to 22kg. 
Since he started the diet he’s gone up to 29 kilos so has put on loads of weight, his skin is looking so much better, his belly was bald and his fur has started to grow back and is filling out and the rest of his coat has really thickened up. He is not begging for food half as much as he did before, and the balance of the food and the bones is keeping him really satisfied, he’s putting on weight and looking healthier and is happier than he has been in a long while, if not ever.
The vets’ actually been very positive about the diet, I think we tried so many different diets, tablets and combinations of things with the vets that they’re just pleased to see how healthy and happy he is looking and the fact that he’s putting on weight, they’ve really responded well to it. So obviously they wanted to find out more about the diet and they’ve seen the results, so they’ve been pleasantly surprised.
Before the diet, he was on steroids for 6 months to try and control his bowl issues and his allergy/skin issues, but after being on the diet for three months, the vet recommended that we wean him off the steroids completely. He has been steroid free for three months, which is great because no body knows the side effects of steroids over a long period of time, and he did have quite a lot of issues with the steroids, so we were always a bit concerned about that.
The other good news is that he was on 120ml of Phenobarb twice a day since he was a puppy and under the vets recommendations now we’ve halved it. The diet has had a really good influence on his overall health and has given the vets the confidence to start weaning him off the medication, as obviously with the phenobarb there is a liver impact over a long period of time and as the vet said he may know live until he’s 15, which we never really thought about with the epilepsy.
Upon Healthfuls’ nutritionists’ recommendation extra milk thistle has been added to the diet, which has been shown to have a positive effect on his liver function through veterinary blood tests.
Overall he has generally more energy, more weight, a better coat, looking as if he’s full rather than constantly begging, great bowel movements, and he’s really happy and the bones as well, he loves them.

His teeth are the other things we mentioned because he had terrible brown teeth and they were going to knock him out to clean them, and we didn’t need to do that at all.
Healthful Dog 1[1]:27


Owner Odyssey Dawsons’ Tale