By Annabelle Cookson

I picked up my first puppy on the 1st May 2015, a beautiful blue Merle border collie, whom I named Eidur. He was the chunky one of the litter and I soon found out he was completely food obsessed. I had done all the usual research into having a puppy, including feeding, and decided to stick with the kibble he was fed by his breeder.

Weeks passed and I started to look into raw feeding, trawling through many articles on the Internet and being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. I even joined raw feeding advice groups on Facebook, where I found many people had been giving their dogs raw meat for decades. As much as this was comforting, the conflicting opinions on what meats can be fed, quantities and percentages of bone, meat and offal, and whether to feed vegetables or not was just confusing. The mere mention of percentages was enough to put me off alone.

It wasn’t till Eidur was around 20 weeks that I took the plunge with raw, as he stopped eating his kibble, instead he toyed around with it and walked away. There wasn’t anything medically wrong with him so I put it down to boredom. It was advice from an old university friend (H B Turner) that helped me considerably, her experience on the subject was invaluable. So an hour and a half on the phone later, I nipped off to the supermarket and came home with some chicken wings, mince and some lamb bones, he immediately took to eating the bone sensibly and my confidence soared. I found it much easier to judge what to give him and how much by looking at his coat, body shape and his faeces.

He’s now seven months old and thriving on his new diet. He’s had beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, fish and venison. He’s had it in minced form, chunks and enjoyed an array of carcasses and bones. I’ve noticed his energy levels are different now, he actually sleeps during the day and he isn’t hyperactive considering he’s a border collie.

It’s definitely a wonderful feeling seeing him excited for his breakfast in the morning, he even sings me a song when I don’t have it ready in time.

Healthful Dog 2[4]:271


Owner Odyssey – Eidur