by Charlotte Stockley


Paddy came to me as an 8 week old puppy. He was a foster and not going to stay. At 14 weeks old he went to a new home and was returned to us 3 weeks later when the people couldn’t cope with a puppy and he just stayed. He had his puppy jabs and his first year booster but hasn’t been vaccinated since. He will be 8 in October. He has always been raw fed and we have minimised the amount of chemicals in his system by using natural remedies and alternatives where possible.

Our journey

Paddy has never been what you could call a 

“normal” dog. He has always had his strange ways and been aggressive in situations he wasn’t comfortable in. He had problems with learning things, never seemed to sleep properly and disliked having his head touched or being held. He is a bright dog but the penny never seemed to drop. We ha

d resigned ourselves to having a dog that most people would consider a problem.  A chance comment by a friend on facebook led me to think that maybe there was something more to his behaviour than just a badly behaved dog.

Having joined the group indicated in the comment our journey began. I did the diagnostic tool (see Spotlight On feature p64) and found that Paddy was ticking nearly all the boxes in most of the categories. It was obvious we needed to do something.  I read the book suggested by the group and things really started to make much more sense and I realised there were things we could do to help Paddy.  The first thing I did was get a flower Essence consultation. This resulted in a specially blended remedy for Paddy that was nothing short of miraculous. His food aggression almost disappeared overnight. When he was still supervised around food he was not actively trying to attack our other dog.  In March 2014 I went to my vet and got a referral to Nick Thompson to see if CEASE therapy would help Paddy. Having spoken to Nick an appointment was arranged and we travelled down to see him. The conclusion was that Paddy was definitely on the Autistic spectrum and that he should have CEASE Therapy.  We started with a 30C strength of his remedy and supplements. We are now on the fourth cycle and the 10M strength of Paddy’s remedy and the change is incredible. The biggest changes happened during the 30C cycle when he was detoxing. We had good days, bad days and days where I wondered if we would ever get through it but we did. We recently faced our biggest challenge with the loss of my 14 year old Greyhound Neva and Paddy becoming an only dog for the first time in his entire life. Prior to him starting CEASE therapy he would never have coped.  Our journey is not over yet and Paddy will never be 100% but he now sleeps better, his aggression levels when faced with things he doesn’t like are much lower. He is better able to cope with life which means he is a much happier dog and we are better equipped to cope with him.

To get hold of Holistic Vet Nick Thompson please see his website:

Healthful Dog 1[2]:63



Owner Odyssey Paddy the Autistic Dog