Here’s the truth,  I destroyed my best friend with my lack of education, with my ignorance. I destroyed my first pet with my own hands. I laid in a puddle of blood with him after the melamine scandal and I wasn’t really the same after that.

Then, only less than a year later in 2008 I got my first puppy….  she was everything that was ever important to me. It was between me and a family who were light years ahead of me with knowledge and as selfish as I was at that time, I convinced the breeder to let me have her. Two months later, I had stuffed her with so many chicken jerky strips I destroyed her kidneys as a puppy, permanently. She will  never be the same again because of me. I ruined a beautiful creature of God with my own hands, again.

So I made a promise to her and God that I would never EVER make that mistake again!

I started teaching myself, researching day and night and trying to tell people about it. I can’t write, I can’t read very well either, but I had to learn, so I started writing for her, my pup Sammie.
Sounds like a cheesy corny story I know, but today, after 6 years, she still lays beside me as I write and I do it for her. She has a kidney at 25% function and a body full of tumours. Nothing on this planet can inspire one more than that.

In 2 years, I have achieved things I couldn’t possibly imagine!

I’m at two time award winning blogger (who can’t write), I had the number one radio show in Canada, which I left as I had been offered a role on Animal Planet to film a TV show for them for 2016.
I get to write for the largest pet nutrition magazine on the planet and I do a zillion other things.
I tell every single one of them the same thing:

Give me a stage and let me share my message — that’s all I ask.

I do it for the cat I destroyed who looks down on me in heaven and for the dog that lays beside me full of cancer.

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