by Patricia Gethin

I rescued Sammy a blue roan cocker spaniel, in the summer of August 2003. He had been kept in a dog crate for the majority of his life, he was very smelly and had a matted putrid mass on his stomach … I was unable to touch his back legs as he would growl and try to bite so I can only imagine he had been ill treated in some way.

An immediate appointment was made for a dog groomer and a good wash and spruce up … He seemed to enjoy it and he certainly smelt and looked a lot better.

Sammy went for a full MOT at the vets, chip, vaccines, flea & worming treatments, I thought I was being a good mum and doing the right thing by ensuring all aforementioned treatments where administered regularly, with out gaps (I know better now).

As time went on Sammy had smelly ears, weeping eyes with discharge and yeasty skin and paws. He had several doses of antibiotics, steroids, eye drops, special shampoos you name it … The issues would clear up and would then a little time later, come back with a vengeance. We resumed our cycle of vet visits and the antibiotics would now be a two weeks course instead of one. All in a battle to clear his ear infections.

During this time Sammy was diagnosed with ‘dry eye’ more steroids prescribed called ‘Optimune’.
When Sammy was approximately  5 years old, I noticed several of his bottom teeth were discoloured and broken … Another vet visit, and he had to have his top and bottom teeth removed as the staining was due to a poor puppy diet and the teeth were crumbling.

Around the same time I went to visit my brother in Amsterdam and witnessed him feeding his ‘American Pit-bull’ raw chicken … I was totally intrigued by this as Sammy had always been kibble fed.

As soon as I returned back to the UK, I researched for about 6 months before I felt confident enough to make the transition to the ‘barf diet’. Sammy took to it straight away with no adverse affects i.e. runny poo … After about six months his conditions became better with very few vet visits for yeast infections.

Sammy continued to have all his vaccinations and chemical flea and worming treatments without fail.
On one of the regular vet trips for his eyes, I mentioned his jowl lip folds were very inflamed and smelly, a diagnosis of dermatitis of the lip folds was diagnosed and more antibiotic and hibi scrubs were prescribed. And so it continued for about five years.

Fast forward to February 2014, Sammy had a fit! … The emergency vet was called out an examination was carried out, nothing untoward was found but I was advised to have his bloods done.

Bloods came back with levels a little raised showing an infection. The vet said he wasn’t overly concerned but I wasn’t satisfied  … Something had caused the fit and I wanted to find out what. The locum vet refused to carry out the scans as she said he’s too old to have an anaesthetic … So I waited until my regular vet, whom I had a very good rap pour with, to return from his holidays.

End of April 2014 i received a call from Sammy’s vet to say he was just about to do the scan but on examination he found a lump on his spleen, the size of a chicken leg … The scan & X-ray confirmed it, emergency surgery was carried out to prevent the spleen rupturing and causing an internal haemorrhage which would be fatal.

I conducted my own research and found organic turmeric had fantastic healing properties, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and also helps kill cancer cells. I started Sammy on Organic Turmeric & organic coconut oil with black pepper.

June 2014, Sammy was referred to ‘Dick whites referral’ oncology unit in Cambridge. Further tests revealed he had ‘hystiocystic splenic sarcoma. The lump on his jowl was removed and tests revealed it was malignant therefore he also had malignant melanoma. Both cancers are extremely aggressive and the diagnosis was 2 months without treatment and possibly 4/6 months with chemo and the melanoma vaccine. We opted for both treatments.

During this time Sammy continued to eat his raw diet with zealous, never lost weight (in fact he put it on) and never acted or looked poorly. He had another couple of slight wobbles re fits but nothing like the first one in February where he lost bodily functions and defecated and urinated.

I researched more and found ‘transfer factor’ was a good immune booster. I also started him on Ester c, milk thistle, spirulina, chlorella, and mushroom complex. I stopped all vaccinations and replaced with nosodes. I use Billy no mates and four seasons as ‘natural’ flea and worming treatments.

Additional supplements are , Organic apple cider vinegar, live yogurt and occasional crushed garlic. No worms or fleas have been seen since using chemical free treatments and I use wormcount every 4-6 months to ensure no worms are present, which revealed all clear.

October ’14 chemo stopped, December ’14 scans blood tests and X-rays revealed Sammy is cancer free, the cancer hasn’t spread to any organs, there has been no damage to his liver or kidney due to chemo and more surprisingly his blood tests reveals no indication that he ever had cancer!

Going forward we have decided to treat Sammy holistically with advice and support from Richard Allport, who has prescribed carcinosin 200 for his long term treatment in addition to the other supplements he has.

During this nine month period Sammy has remained full of beans he looks remarkable considering his 12 years old and hopefully will be with us for many years yet. I attribute Sammy’s miraculous recovery to the ‘Raw diet’ first and foremost, I believe if Sammy had not been physically in exceptional condition his body would not of been able to fight such an aggressive disease.

Richard Allport is in Potters Bar

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Owner Odyssey – Sammy’s Journey