by Abbie Withers

I have always been a person who feels so much better when eating real foods, whole foods, not processed meals with very little nutritional value but bought by many for convenience, mostly microwaveable which in turn depletes the meal of most of its nutritional value too.

Feeding my dogs over the years was always a headache for me, scanning aisles of brightly coloured bags and tins for a clue as to which may be the best for their health. I, like many people of my generation had been led to believe that a dog would be hungry if biscuits were not fed alongside a tin of pedigree chum …mmmm yum yum.

Sadly, latterly in my work as a vet nurse I was asked to study Hills range of diets so to be able to advise clients which diet to feed their ailing dogs.

I since know much better re species appropriate feeding and I thank my now late wonderful Borzoi Wishie for my introduction, plus yearning to learn the benefits of walking away from man made toxic processed animal feeds for him, a huge breed with a lot of growing to do when I collected him as puppy a week before Christmas in 2002.

I have to admit that at the time I wanted to feed my dogs raw food but hadn’t taken the leap. I thought it was a complex business, would be more expensive, hard to source and may take a lot of time and effort to feed them properly.

I began by sourcing local suppliers and feeding far too much of the same proteins and kept a dish of dry food going in case anyone was indeed hungry.

I enjoyed the fact that my dogs coats improved and their teeth were less inclined to be dirty, I fed bones now regularly. Poos were much smaller and easier to collect daily.

I watched Wishie grow from a youngster to a wonderfully strong, beautiful adult enjoying his food and chewing bones.

While doing a course on the dangers of chemical vaccination and canine nutrition I met other owners who fed raw and was persuaded once and for all that no, dry food was not needed any longer and so I prepared myself to let go of it once and for all, and guess what…my dogs were fine!

I learned how to feed a balanced raw diet and watched my dogs thrive.

I reared litters of puppies completely on raw straight away, no sloppy milky wheaty porridges, just meat on bones and minces.

I would suggest that everyone considers the species they have in their care is in fact a carnivore and not an omnivore and that he needs meat and bone,  not filers of carbohydrate based rubbish which make the animal have to drink lots of water to be able to pass it through their systems, and feed them as nature intended for growth and development both in body and temperament.

Healthful Dog 3[4]:257



Owner Odyssey – Wishie